The Way to Respond to Hard Feedback

You feel misunderstood. You feel defensive. Your voice is quavering. Your pulse is racing. Your palms are sweaty. You feel an urge to fight, to convince the other person that they are wrong. Or to take flight: to simply to […]

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Please Reject My Idea

When was the last time you made a proposal at work that was rejected? Was it quickly out of hand? Or was it “death by a thousand cuts”? This experience has happened to almost everyone at work. Depending on how […]

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3 Steps to Boost Your Leadership Development

As a leader addressing 500 people whose opinions mattered to me, I started to clam up. Many of you are familiar with that peculiarly palms-sweating, heart-thumping, throat-choking form of social anxiety: the fear of public speaking. Somehow, I stumbled through […]

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