Being Our Best Selves

Why do we wait until people die to tell them about the difference they have made in our lives?  Living Eulogies are a way of sharing our appreciation for the difference others have made in our lives… while they are still […]

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3 Steps to Boost Your Leadership Development

As a leader addressing 500 people whose opinions mattered to me, I started to clam up. Many of you are familiar with that peculiarly palms-sweating, heart-thumping, throat-choking form of social anxiety: the fear of public speaking. Somehow, I stumbled through […]

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7 Smart Strategies That Will Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking

Got stage fright? Reframe what you expect from a speech, and your attitude about it will change as well Does the prospect of speaking in front of a live audience make you nervous? If you’re human, the likely answer is […]

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